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"Less Wine, More Time" Paperback Book by Mim Jenkinson

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“Less Wine, More Time” is about my journey to and out of an unwanted alcohol habit.

It features:

  • a very personal, autobiographical account of my life, loves, relationships and life-events so far
  • what led me to drinking too much
  • how I became alcohol-free
  • my own strategies for staying sober
  • the results of my survey of 1000 mums into the connection between Motherhood and Alcohol

I’m excited to share this book with you and hope so much that it helps another person who might be facing the same challenges.

I’ve had hundreds, probably 1,000 or more, messages and emails asking me about my experience. Most people, including my close family and friends, didn’t even realise that I had a problem.

They wanted answers and to get more understanding as to how it happened and what I did to break the cycle.

My story is highly personal and it’s really embarrassing as well at times, but I feel very proud of the fact that I’ve overcome this issue. I’ve found that the more I shared, the more it helped me, and I really started to feel like I was helping other people as well.

So, I wrote a book about my experience, what led up to this, some really, really personal and very embarrassing stories throughout my whole life about the kind of things that happened when I’ve abused alcohol.

I researched this topic well – especially about the connection between motherhood and alcohol. And, wow, it really put into perspective for me some of the misconceptions between alcohol and motherhood and how it’s portrayed on social media.



I didn’t quit alcohol on January 1st. It wasn’t a “New Year, New Me” decision to take action on my drinking habit. It was January 23rd 2019 – the date I decided that the life of peace, freedom and better health that I wanted probably didn’t include a secret daily wine habit.

Was it easy to quit? Not at first. Not until I discovered the secret to quitting – and if I’d known how effortless and liberating it would be, I wouldn’t have waited.

Was it worth it? Oh yes. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made for my health and happiness.

What’s life like after alcohol? Better than I ever thought possible – for me, my family, my business. My life is back on track and soaring.

Find out how and why I quit, and if an alcohol-free life might be for you too, here. Order now:

Delivery: Australian residents can order here or on Amazon.


Please note: only order here is you are based in Australia.

What People Are Saying:

To read about her recognition that she had a problem, and the ways she turned her situation around to create a life she loves for herself and her family, is nothing short of inspirational. Like me, I know you'll devour the pages of this book and be thankful for the Mim's of this world - the ones not afraid to stand confidently in front of us and reveal their challenges, plus solutions to those challenges, to help others navigate the same, or similar circumstances.

Lisa Burling

If you’re worried about this book lecturing you on why you shouldn’t drink alcohol - don’t! The author shares her own stories about alcohol through her life (so many of which are so relatable!) and how she made the decision to quit, but it never comes off as judgemental or “you need to quit”. It makes you evaluate how alcohol fits into your life - both in the past and now - and gives you some techniques to cut back or quit if that’s what you’d like to do. It’s very funny, very personal, and an easy read - and the results of a survey of other mums gives a glimpse into how others feel about their drinking, giving an honest view into other households at “wine time”. Highly recommend this book, no matter how you feel about your own alcohol intake.

M Mahoney

This book is a wonderful insight into overcoming the pressures of life. Incredibly inspirational, Mim shares her journey on quitting alcohol, challenges and living a healthier life. Highly recommend!

H Walkinshaw

I really appreciated Mim's honesty and openness in sharing her journey with addiction, and she writes in such a relatable way. It's not an easy thing to admit when we struggle. I'm so glad Mim was able to write her story and, in doing so, help others begin living more intentionally too. I found the survey results really interesting and Mim has raised an important discussion about motherhood and alcohol.

A Love