Looking for the easiest way to be more organized?

Discover how the right planner can be an essential part of your self-care routine

...without feeling stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed!

Have you ever felt...

  • You don't have enough hours in the day?
  • You're always turning up late or missing deadlines?
  • You wish you were more organized but can't seem to stick to the habit of planning every week - despite owning multiple notebooks and planners?
  • Or maybe you've never really found a planner and routine that's perfect for you?

And despite your best efforts, you're left feeling...

  • Disappointed because you've tried and failed so many times before?
  • Guilty about missing important events or appointments?
  • Frustrated that you can never seem to make your planner work for you? (when it's supposed to make you MORE organized!)

Just imagine...

...how calm and happy you would feel if your week was planned out - before it even began.

And how confident and reassured you would be if you knew what your priorities were every single day.

When you have a consistent planning routine that works for you, you can start to hit your goals across your:

  • health and well-being
  • home and family
  • business or side hustle
  • hobby or passion
  • all of the above and more!

This has helped me see where I'm going wrong and why I've been struggling to keep on top of everything. I've started using the planners and in just a couple of weeks I'm so much calmer - thank you!

- Eve


Hi, I'm Mim

I'm a planning-obsessed, mother of two small kids.

When I discovered that I could save hours of wasted time and get super productive by finding the perfect planner for me - everything changed.

Then, I created a planning routine that made using my planner a fun part of my self-care routine that I look forward to every week!

The result? I become happier, more peaceful, way more organized and so much more productive.

I want this for you too!

This toolkit will open up a new world of having fun with planning......every single week.

Say "Goodbye!" to chaos and "Hello!" to happiness and self-care.

Mim Jenkinson

I was constantly asked how I'm always so calm and how I stay on track with organizing my family, home, work and personal life - so I created this huge planning system to help you to the same!

Introducing...the Complete Planning Toolkit

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Get instant access to:

16 Printable Planners, Trackers, Lists, Schedules and Journals

eBook (40-page): "How to Use a Planner"

Bullet Journal Monthly Themes

18 Functional Printable Planner Stickers Bundle


Total value = $140


This is your ultimate planning toolkit to bring you more peace and productivity!


16 Printable Planners, Trackers, Lists + Journals (value $49):

  • daily, weekly, and hourly planners
  • daily and monthly habit trackers
  • monthly checklist
  • reading list
  • meal planner and recipes list
  • household budget tracker and debt tracker
  • cleaning schedule
  • action plan

A Gratitude List and 31-Day Gratitude Journal with guided prompts for thankful thoughts, happiness and positivity.

They're in both PDF and JPG format and you can download and print these at home as many times as you like!

eBook: How to Use a Planner (value $47):

  • 40-page guide covering:
  • Why you should use a Paper Planner
  • Which is the Right Planner for You?
  • How to Set a Planning Routine That Will Work for You
  • How to Make Your Planner Work for Your Whole Life
  • How to Set Big Goals and Make Them Achievable by Using Your Planner
  • The Essential Planner Accessories to Make Your Life Easier
  • Decorative Planning Vs White-Space Planning
  • How to Decorate Your Planner!
  • My Personal Planning Style and How I Plan my Week for Success
  • How You Can Make Money with Planning

Bullet Journal Monthly Themes (worth $9)

18 Functional Printable Planner Stickers (worth $35):

  • Appointment Labels & Blank Labels
  • Morning, Afternoon and Evening Routine and Work Stickers
  • Scallop Labels, Headers & Circles
  • Half Boxes & Quarter Boxes
  • Water Trackers
  • Date Covers and Dots
  • Weekend Banners & One Big Goal Trackers
  • Bill Due & Blank Headers

Universal Sizing that will fit MANY planners including the Erin Condren Vertical and Classic Happy Planner.

Reprintable PDF, JPG and cut files (for Silhouette and many have png files)

PLUS, you'll get:

  • Lifetime access
  • Instant downloads (these are all digital products, not physical)
  • Full instructions for any downloading, printing and cutting included

Total value = $140



All this is included!

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Marie has kindly shared my posts, tips and ideas with her audience over the years.

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What my customers are saying:


"I've been using the weekly planner the most and have one on my fridge so the whole family can see what we're doing. Thanks Mim!" 


"These are beautiful, thank you! I've been wanting to meal plan forever and we wasted so much money on groceries before I started using your meal planner."


Got Questions?

Mim Jenkinson

I’m all about finding the most simple and fun way to stay organized.

I know this toolkit will help you feel more productive, peaceful and creative!


Love from Mim xo