Hey, do you have a burning passion, purpose or creative hobby that you would love to bring to life as a sustainable, online business?

Or, maybe your current online business isn't where you feel it should be. Perhaps you're feeling 'stuck', defeated or confused and thinking it's about darn time to starting seeing a return on the time and dollars you've invested into getting up and running?

Wish you could create a business - and life - with less push and more peaceWell lovely, I did this - and it's possible for you too.

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Kate Luckins

Amy Cox

"Mim has helped me radically shift my mindset to focus on what's *actually* possible when you focus on planning and profit. Her ability to turn ideas into action is like nothing I have ever seen! If you're looking for your biz bestie (who happens to have a bucketload of knowledge on marketing and tech) then you NEED some 'Mimspiration'!"

Work with Me:

Coaching (1 Hour Call)

1-hour coaching call via Zoom.

$297.00 USD

I work with heart-centred and creative female business owners just like you - because I know you truly want to help others just as much as I want to help YOU.

So, if you're looking for an energetic, high vibe, digital product expert to push you to your goals, cheer you on and get over-the-top-excited about you and their business, we need to talk.

I'm not a badass/lady boss/butt-whipping type. But I'm also not so 'fluffy' that you won't start to move mountains either. Because you will, and fast.

When we work together, you'll get very clear, very quickly, about where you need to spend your time, effort and attention to make positive changes with your digital products.

We'll bond over your stories, celebrate your wins and tackle your challenges together - as a team. We'll work out your next step across one, or more, of these areas:

  • Finally making the decisions that have been keeping you 'stuck'
  • ’KonMaring’ the overwhelm to simplify your next steps
  • Brainstorming solutions to your digital product challenges and opportunities
  • Creating a business with less push and more peace

Sound good? Email: [email protected]

Kate Luckins

Kate Luckins

"Mim Jenkinson is an absolute weapon when it comes to developing your online business. She gives out golden advice about how to approach your business decisions—from the tiny details to the big picture vision. Mim has expertly guided me through setting up my first Kajabi program. She's been an incredibly encouraging and knowledgable mentor. Mim’s skills across digital business development are diverse. She has also given me a crash course in Facebook Ads creation and helped me monitor my ads success. When you have lofty ambitions, but little time, Mim’s decisive and highly skilled advice is exactly what you need. 

Beyond the practical help, Mim’s exuberant nature is infectious and she genuinely thrives when building the confidence of other business women."

Hi, I'm Mim and I'm so happy to welcome you!

I'm a mother, planning-addict, Outlander-fanatic, coach and entrepreneur with an obsession for doing more in less time.

I've built my highly-profitable, sustainable business from scratch, out of challenging times I never expected to face in my life.

It was during these times that I switched my focus from working hard to creating a life and business led by love and peace.

This is what I want for you too, lovely!

Join me - and let's turn your creativity or burning passion into building a life or business that thrive, without the hustle and hard work.

Love from Mim x x x

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Kell Casey

Kell Casey

"Mim is my 'go to' digital marketing expert for everything related to Kajabi, online course creation and setting up tiny offers and funnels. Mim has simplified my processes and created less overwhelm and more space for business growth. I highly recommend Mim!"

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Sophia Arthur

"Mim is an absolute rockstar when it comes to planning, developing and implementing digital products. I’ve been blown away by the way she has streamlined her own products and sales funnels, as well as her never-ending fountain of great ideas for improving mine!"